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About Us :: Core Staff

Abineau’s core staff consists of four senior-level professionals with about 80 years of combined experience in digital communications and project management. The members of this impressive team offer skills in a wide range of disciplines including system engineering, physical layer architecture and design, Hardware Description Language, software coding, and RF circuit design. They are experienced in satellite and terrestrial communications, single- and multi-carrier transmission, synchronization, Forward Error Correction, and equalization.

Colin McKay, President

Colin McKay brings to Abineau 30 years of experience in the communications industry, with 15 of these as a project manager. During his tenure at Comtech EFData (formerly EFData) and Radyne, he led numerous satellite and terrestrial modem projects. McKay brings resource management, product management, and production test and engineering test skills to the team.

Rob Weinstein, Director of FPGA Development

Rob Weinstein specializes in FPGA-based modulators and demodulators, with a focus on IP core development, logic design and simulation using VHDL and Verilog, and baseband digital demodulation techniques for digital communications circuitry used in satellite modems. A founder of Memec Design Services (since acquired by Avnet), he received his BSEET from Arizona State University in 1987.

Jim Young, Director of Software Development

Throughout his 20-year career, Jim Young has applied his expertise in the design of software and digital hardware interfaces to the fields of lighting research, automotive safety, and many other industries. He has also developed safety-intensive software in commercial and military avionics. Young holds a BSCSE from Arizona State University.

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