Abineau Communications - Radio and baseband technologies for digital communication Design services - wireless system engineering for FPGA cores, software-defined radio cores, DVB demodultaor coresFlexible solutions for reconfigurable and fixed wireless coresComponent-level design for microwave radio cores, IP, and moreCustom FPGA solutions  - FPGA modulator cores, wireless design, broadband, modulators and demodulatorsConsulting on FPGA and ASSP systems About Abineau CommunicationsHistory of Abineau CommunicationsStaff of Abineau Communications : Colin McKay, Eric Jacobsen, Rob Weinstein, Jim YoungIndependent contractors - equalizer specialists, RF, ADC/DAC engineers
Licensed intellectual propertyCustom FPGA code with negotiable ownership rights or competitive restrictionsComplete hardware designs — PCBs or box-levelMonitor and control softwareComplete manufacturing packages and tested production hardware
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System design and engineering for FPGA modulator / demodulator cores, FPGA IP cores, ASSPs, Xilinx and Altera QAM modulators

Radio and baseband technologies for digital communication

Abineau Communications offers a broad range of solutions — at both the system and component levels — for digital wireless radio links. In addition to designing complete FPGA-based modems and modem architectures, we specialize in equalizers, IF, and baseband interface design; we also design controllers, hardware, controller software, and PCBs. In addition, Abineau consults on system or component-level issues to troubleshoot problems or to modify / upgrade existing products.

Custom or standard solutions tailored to your needs and budget

Abineau’s efficient, high-performance wireless solutions meet stringent requirements and span the gamut from initial system engineering to the custom design and integration of proprietary or standard wireless protocols. Our philosophy is simple: We work with you to understand your data transmission needs and then develop the best possible solution, maintaining a flexible process to ensure a successful project outcome. Our typical deliverables include:

  • Licensed intellectual property
  • Custom FPGA code with negotiable ownership rights or competitive restrictions
  • Complete hardware designs — PCBs or box-level
  • Monitor and control software
  • Complete manufacturing packages
  • Tested production hardware
FPGA design specialists Wireless system engineering - micorwave radio cores, software-defined radio cores, DVB demodulator cores




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